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May 21 2017

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House for sale

Finding your Thai Villa on the internet

Choosing an appropriate holiday villa on the internet is easy using Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. Remember:

- Play with your search terms: use more specific words to help you drill down to receive a more "targeted" property. "Rural villa with pool Thailand" or "seafront Samui private villa" will give a more specific set of results than will the generic "Thailand Villa", and will be less likely to return a listings site. For seafront Samui villas for sale go to https://www.fazwaz.com/thailand/kohsamui-villa-for-sale

Finding your Thai Villa on the internet

- Where possible, book directly with the property owner rather than via a listings site - in all likelihood such a listings site will be charging a commission on top of the normal rate.

- Don't be afraid to ask for references.

- Travel in the off season, and book early. Book ahead, as when a standalone villa is booked - it is booked!

- Make sure the property you choose has a telephone and address listed.

- Travel somewhere different! What makes a stay in a private villa memorable is the way it can take you out of the tourist centres to enjoy a more authentic holiday.
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